Bespoke Approach
to Growth and Liquidity

William Hood & Company is a differentiated industry-focused Investment Banking firm covering the Consumer, Food and Retail sectors with a specialization in Health and Wellness and Emerging Consumer Trends.

William Hood & Company was founded by well-known Consumer, Food and Retail banker William Hood and highly regarded Health & Wellness industry executive Jill Staib after a combined 35-years of experience building highly successful businesses for established companies. Our team marries traditional investment banking experience with brand building and operational expertise in a unique combination that is highly valued by our clients and critical to the success of our transactions.

William Hood & Company leverages deep industry knowledge, significant experience and a powerful global network to partner with our clients to deliver customized service and drive long term success.

William Hood & Company, LLC is a U.S. registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA.

William has a very hands-on approach to execution. When we really needed him in the trenches with the management team, he was always there. We referred to him throughout the process as Our Coach.

Steve Cahillane
CEO, Kellogg’s, Former CEO, The Nature’s Bounty Co.
William Hood & Company